Success Stories

I sell pots, pans and cookware on my website. Isac was my coach, he did a wonderful job! He was always there when I needed him for any help or information. He walked me through any problems I had. Isac was on time with coaching calls and answered all of my questions. He made building my website much easier! After working with Isac, I was given 6 weeks to work with Brooke and it has been a very pleasant change to work with her as well. Finding our right "niche" and finding the right key words was challenging because of the competition. Now, when I look at my site I feel really good about it! I would like a few more enhancements, in order to create a more professional looking site. I am looking forward to more success, and making our business grow. My advice to other students is that it takes a lot of time and effort to build a successful website, but it will be beneficial in the end for a successful business. Any success story does not happen overnight, you need to have full commitment, endurance, and patience. It doesn't happen overnight and you need support from family as you spend many hours building your website.
- Gary N.


My website offers glass vases, crystal, and hand blown glass vases. My experience building my site was very smooth, because it was built for me. The work was very fast and efficient. The obstacles I overcame when building my website were finding a niche, contacting suppliers and then bringing everything together. When I look at my website I feel great! I have achieved the impossible, I am closer to financial freedom! I am looking forward to spending more time with my children, financial freedom, and peace of mind. My advice to those just starting is that it may seem very hard in the beginning, trying to put everything together, but in time and with some patience it all falls into place!
- Kelly S.


I have made 127 sales on eBay and made $2,750.00. I have been selling books, DVDs, porcelain figurines, dolls, coins, anything and everything. My coach keeps me on track. She gives me great advice, helps in research and pricing, and helps me to avoid pitfalls. My experience with eBay has been very positive. It was fairly easy to get started and to gain experience. I am having fun doing it. Just getting started was an obstacle for me, I thought selling on eBay would be very difficult. How to better judge shipping costs so I don't lose money on the transaction was also a challenge. My advice for other students is: Just go for it. eBay is a simple way to get set up and selling. My first rule is to treat customers how I would hope to be treated.
- Richard C.


I have made 179 sales on eBay! My total of sales made is $8,286.49. I have been selling items from my home and a few household items I have purchase for eBay sales. My coaching experience has been extremely important to keep me on track and to help me if I get stuck. My eBay experience has been positive. I enjoy being able to list items that people want to purchase. Making money on eBay has required the use of key tools to make sure that all costs are taken into account when setting your sales price. My advice for others is stick with it! If you start discouraged, contact your coaching team and ask for assistance and advice.
- Zay P.


I have made 46 sales on eBay in the amount of $1,150.60. I have been selling personal protection items, throwing knives, and video games. My coach has shown me the best way to find out how an item sells. He has shown me how to do research on items, to make more money. eBay has been good, yet I feel they take too much of my profit. My obstacle has just been learning how to list correctly and shipping charges. My advice for others is to follow the directions your coach gives you and you will get there.
- Sharon K.


I have made 13 sales in three weeks in the amount of $1,147.13 on eBay! I have been selling dropship horse supplies and miscellaneous children's clothing. My coach has helped me by keeping us focused on the dropship steps as well as building a website and marketing this website. Overall with my experience, I was nervous at first but feel better about it each time a sale comes through. The main obstacle I have overcome is learning how to research and price competitively. Creating a listing that makes buyers want to purchase can be difficult. My advice for others would be to stick with it! Don't be intimidated by your competition with 10,000 feedback score. You will still have buyers that purchase from you.
- Wendy E.


I have made 82 sales on eBay and made a total of $5,042.00. I have been selling sale and clearance items found at department stores. My coach has been very helpful in marketing and listing items on eBay. eBay has gone very well. It has opened up a whole new line of income for us. My advice to others is that you have to be willing to put effort into whatever you do to get the return you want. With a little work your, possibilities are endless.
- Eric T.


I've made 19 sales on eBay and made $1,100. I sold some electronics, household items, and things around my house. My coach is great! She was very patient with me from day 1, and continues to be patient with me. She allows me to ask any questions I have during the week and I can also email her with questions between the coaching sessions. If she's not available, they always have another coach contact you who's part of your coaching team, so you always have a coach to talk to. eBay has been easier than I thought. I heard about eBay for a long time, but never bought anything. I thought it was just an auction site, but I was wrong. You learn that there are other things you can do with eBay, from buying things to selling your items. The website is really easy to navigate and the customer service is great, in case you have any questions. At first, it was time consuming because I had to learn from scratch the correct way to post an item for sale. Not only does it involve how you describe your item, but it also involves doing some research. Overall, it's not bad, once you get used to it! I'm still a beginner, but I like where it's taken me so far. My advice to others is that you have to think of this as an investment. It's not something that you just sign up for and expect them to do things for you. You have to be proactive at it, just like any other venture. Work with your coaches, that's what they do, to help you. I'm still a beginner, but I like what I have accomplished so far and I can't wait to see what will come in the future!
- Carolina H.


I have made $1600 on eBay and I am doing very well with Wholesale sales. I am now looking forward to doing more drop shipping.
- Tracy F.


I have made $1,173.87. Ben is very good about answering all of my questions. He really sets my mind at ease as to the apprehension that I am feeling.
- Laura L.


I have made 26 sales on eBay. $1,036.00 My coach has been a great help, Thank you so much!
- Rikki B.


We have now made $1552! The experience has been way more than I expected! with the tips and advice of the coaches I have reached my monthly goal with minimal effort and time. I am very happy.
- Mary G


I have made 33 sales on eBay totaling $1031. My experience has been great. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through the coaching process.
- Denise W.


I have sold 12 items on my website and have made $2,000.00 I sell survival tools and gear. The coaches have been eager to help in all manners concerning the tools you need to be successful.
- Charmin M.